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    Updated February 10, 2007

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Custom Made? --
I need a size 30F bra for my 15yr old daughter, but the smallest band size I can find an F-cup bra in is a 34. We live in a small rural community in South Dakota, several hundred miles from a major city. What can I do? BTW, I do know how to sew. - Ingrid

If you don't want to mail-order, knowing how to sew is perhaps the key. Read the Underwire & Bra FAQs which you should read from beginning to end. The only parts of these we don't agree with are how to determine the bra frame size. Please see our MEASURING page. One nice thing about being able to make your own bras is that you can accommodate a figure where one breast is larger than the other and you can make your own swimsuits or other apparel that you'd like to have built-in shaping and support. Of course you'll save a TON of $$$$ compared to custom made and you can make any color you want.

Sizes? --
What's the difference between a DD-cup and an E? A DDD-cup and an F? - Leigh Ann

None. I can't prove this, but I believe that most sizing systems were devised by marketing departments solely for the purpose of obtaining a competitive advantage, NOT to simplify shopping, sizing, or fitting. Misleading systems which use DD, DDD, FF, G, H, and HH designations instead of PlusSizeBras' TruSiz™ E, F, G, H, I, and J for cups sizes, respectively are solely intended to take sales from companies which conform to PlusSizeBras' TruSiz™ system. Just as a consumer is more likely to purchase a product if it's priced at $29.99 instead of $30.00, she's also more likely to purchase a bra sized DDD instead of F. When you're shopping for a bra, to ensure proper fit and comfort, resist the temptation to play some marketing department's mind game... buy a bra that fits your body, not your psyche. You'll feel better.

What's the difference between a 38E and a 40E? - Cyndie

Besides the obvious 2" difference in frame size, the 40E's cups are proportionally larger. When discussing cup size, we have to consider projection in addition to width and depth. Projection is defined as the distance the cup extends from the rib cage. Viewed from the front, bra cups are U-shaped. Width is the distance from one side of the U to the other. Depth is the distance from the bottom of the U to the top of the U. In answer to your question, the projection of a given size cup is typically the same for all bras from the same manufacturer. Since all manufacturers use different patterns, some E cups will have more or less projection than others and that's why a 38E from Just My Size may fit differently than one from Olga, for example. Cup width and depth, however generally increase with frame size and these too vary not only from maker to maker, but also from style to style for the same maker. Looking at Sew Sassy's catalog of underwires (for those of us who can sew... I can't!), we can easily observe this difference. A 40E underwire is 7-3/8" wide x 4-3/4" deep, a 42E 7-5/8" x 5", a 44E 7-7/8" x 5-3/8", and so on. If you were to compare 32F and 46F underwire bras of the same style, you could easily observe that the 46F has much wider and deeper cups in proportion with the increase in the bra frame. You would also observe projection to be the same. In the case of minimizing bras, projection is reduced. Since that flesh has to go someplace, cup width and depth are increased. [COMFORT TIP: If you want less flesh to be shoved under your armpit, choose a minimizing bra with deeper, not wider cups.]

Maternity & Nursing Bras? --
What's the difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra? - Jody

Besides the obvious differences in construction consistent with nursing, maternity bras are designed to expand with the breast and ribcage during the last four or five months of pregnancy. Neither a nursing bra nor a conventional bra is designed with that level of flexibility or to provide the necessary support. In addition, if a nursing bra is worn instead of a maternity bra during the last four or five months of pregnancy, it will have by then lost the supportive strength necessary to be effective as a nursing bra.

When I transition from a maternity bra to a nursing bra, what size will I need, and how many should I buy? - Liz

The cup size of your nursing bra will be at least 1 to 2 sizes higher than your maternity bra. For example, if your maternity bra is a G-cup, plan on buying at least two H or I-cup nursing bras. Measure to be sure. You may want to consider buying a third or fourth nursing bra that's 1 additional cup size higher to have on hand for those days when a lower size may be uncomfortable. (Leading Lady makes nursing bras to H-cup, Fancee Free to J.)

Buyer's Guides? --
I won't even consider buying a bra that has stretch straps or less than 4 back hooks. Your buyer's guides often leave these columns blank. How come? - Anne

Plus Size Bras is not a business and we don't sell bras. Even if there was the slightest chance (which there isn't) that retailers in our area carried the brands and styles listed in our buyer's guides in the sizes we focus on, we don't have time to handle the merchandise and take notes. We primarily rely on manufacturer's and retailer's catalogs to provide us with product information, and typically these do not indicate all the features you'd like to see in our buyer's guides.

If you appreciate the service we provide, here's an opportunity to thank us and at the same time help other website visitors like yourself:  if you own a garment listed in our buyer's guide, drop us a line indicating the brand name, style number, size, and the missing information. Feel free to add your comments about comfort, shaping, appearance, durability, and washability.

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